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Lord Draven Torakhan by Colanah Lord Draven Torakhan by Colanah
"Before we continue, why are you not kneeling?"

To say that this piece was inspired is an understatement.

This is a gift to a dear man as well as friend who taught me one or two things that for good or ill, will stay with me the rest of my life.

Also, this is the first part of what I hope to be a line of Furre/Anthro commissions. *shrugs*

*As most know, I do my coloring exclusively on my computer using a JASC PaintShop Pro 8 but since the laptop it is on is broken as well as the I-pen I use to ease my carpal tunnel, this one piece was done Entirely By Hand!!!

*goes away to put wrist on ice but is smiling the whole time* ....I forgot how good a Prisma could feel....
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LordTyger Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Whoo. Shows how much I actually check deviantArt. -.- I'm not well known on here..and considering the last post was in 2005, I'm not sure anyone will see this.. but I'm the guy she drew this for.

Captured the essence, the look, -everything-. Let's face it, usually when you get commissions, some details are off, because the artist doesn't have your mind. This, however.. it's like she took the image -straight- from my head. I couldn't ask for better.

I will always cherish this pic, even if (heavens forbid) I get out of the fandom. And if you do see this, Colanah.. stop being a stranger! Been WAY too long since the last time we talked. XP
Teraunce Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
i saw this
pirthecatsir Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005
That is simply amazing. Everything about it. Instant fave!
Colanah Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh..just wait. I got my I-pen coming and jsut figured out Adobe photoshop.

KT-Silver Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005
He's gorgeous! correct!:eyepopping: Very lovely piece. Keep it up!
Colanah Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*giggles* I love how it came out and I hope the man I mailed the hard copy to loves it just as much in his two paws.

*wiggles brows* ..yes...he is correct isn't he? XD
KT-Silver Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005
lol...How could he NOT?! It isn't even no....not even comprehensable...and I think my spelling is suffering today...but I am too lazy to use spell check! Keep it up...I looooove all your stuff...and just so you know..apparently I have been saving your work for years! I ound lots of your stuff on Inu Yasha fan sites...just didn't know who the artist was, and I have it all over my computer! lol...My fave is the whole swimming pool thing...I have had that pic for ages! And keep playing up the Houshi's do it well.
:hug: You're work makes me smile!
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November 2, 2005
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